Punisher skull Toronto Blue Jays shirt

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Bernie & Tulsi are our best chance to get our country back on track. Our first battle will be the DNC but you all must know in your hearts that all corporate-controlled news is saying what they do, to profit from your fear. Try listening to some ‘independent & progressive’ viewpoints. It’s enlightening. I’m still laughing over that presidential seal which shows Trump’s true colors. Russian alliance with the Punisher skull Toronto Blue Jays shirt hammers and sickles, the golf clubs and the two-headed eagle, perfectly befitting Putin’s lap dog. Absolutely priceless, absolutely accurate portrayal of the fake president in front of his fake seal.

Punisher skull Toronto Blue Jays shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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I love these morons that follow Trump who say that they would support him more if he would just stop twittering. So if he’s silent about his racist hateful nature, he’d be cool with you? Such twisted logic. Twitter is one of the Punisher skull Toronto Blue Jays shirt big reasons Trump won. His clear understanding of how alternative media works, the fact that Americans are sick of CNN, MSNBC and FOX, their fake news propaganda and biased reporting. CNN totally biased against Sanders, they know he will hit them with corporate tax hikes. No mention of him here or hardly anywhere and when they do mention him it is derogatory.

Michigan and Pennsylvania will lead the Dems to victory in 2020. The dark side narrowly took them away from us by less than 1% each, but both States contain democratic strongholds. The people have spoken and even some republicans know Trumps a mess. The Russians were doing the Punisher skull Toronto Blue Jays shirt dirty on Obama’s watch. Why didn’t he act? Why didn’t he play Mr. tough guy? Biden was there. Mr. tough guy himself. Could it be that Obama wanted Vlad’s signature on the Iran deal? Nah, he wouldn’t do such a thing. Or would he? How moral would that be?


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