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Jennifer Capwill we do not worship Trump. We support and respect him even when he misspeaks. The left, however, worships at the Rob Manfred Clown Shirt altar of climate change, food stamps, welfare, baby-killing (and I’m pro-choice). The altar of NO religion, no firearms, no free speech. You folks worship quite a lot all we do is defend our president and hope he continues to do great things. (And please don’t respond to this with infantile name-calling). My family kids and grandkids think I’m a pretty good guy.

Rob Manfred Clown Shirt

Rob Manfred Clown Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

Tank top



Mark, no lies at all.. Just spewing such accusations are not appropriate at all, You have not been able to state one fact, You call facts lies, You had no clue about the poisoned products from China? have you been asleep for the Rob Manfred Clown Shirt past 20 years ? drywall that sickened thousands,, thousands of livestock killed, pets killed from melamine in their food,, 88 patients died of heparin poisoning and you had no clue about that? We read the inspection reports coming in, Our inspectors can only inspect less than one percent of all products coming in from China, Out of that tiny amount, most are contaminated with chemicals we banned decades ago here. And you did not know that fact?

and you have no clue about the Rob Manfred Clown Shirt spying and theft of intellectual property? You would have to be stone deaf and blind not to know, It has been in all news globally for years now! It is the major thing that Trump is working to stop with China. theft has been rampant for ages: The U.S. says China has been stealing intellectual property for years. A 2017 report by the National Bureau of Asian Research estimated “that the annual cost to the U.S. economy continues to exceed $225 billion in counterfeit goods, pirated software, and theft of trade secrets and could be as high as $600 billion.”


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