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I caught that too. I hope she isn’t setting herself up for disappointment later on when her sons become husbands and fathers and can’t take care of her the way she is fantasizing. I have a son too and I would never expect him to put me before his future wife, children, career, etc. I would be happy just to see him become a good man, and the Salisbury University 1925 Seagulls shirt only thing I “expect” is to hear and see from him every now and then. Would I love it if he could just be my little boy forever and ever? Of course, that goes for daughters too. Shit, I wish my dog could stay a tiny puppy too!! But I gave him life so he could live it for himself, not to be momma’s boy till the day I die.

Salisbury University 1925 Seagulls shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee and tank top

Salisbury University 1925 Seagulls hoodie


Salisbury University 1925 Seagulls sweater


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They take better care of me than any daughter ever could.” As the mother of a daughter, a daughter myself, and the sister of a sister (who, by the way, has devoted her life to caring for our elderly parents while I care for my granddaughter and grandson), I was struck by the nastiness of this statement. I absolutely love being the Salisbury University 1925 Seagulls shirt Mom of 2 boys. They are nuts but so is my husband and I. I love how my oldest always make sure I’m alright. And it gives pleasure to my inner tomboy to throw on sweats and get dirty with them.

… It would not have a matter, either way, that’s just the way I had them. And after 3 I was more than content. All my boys are so protective over me, their Dad is away a lot thru his job. I get on well with their girlfriends ( my eldest has moved out in with his fiancé & I still see them regularly, whether it be together or both individually) I can see the point as if you have a daughter & she then has her own family , that’s where her focus would be, whereas a boy turns into a man , is like the Salisbury University 1925 Seagulls shirt protector of his wife & then sees what his own mother had to do but when they are young they don’t realize that. Love all my children to bits & cannot believe how quickly they have all grown, so proud of them


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