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Also, Canadians have won many sporting competitions, what makes this one so special? This is just another excuse for people to go out in public and act like a bunch of animals. Shane Arnold, I was there, actually, it was pretty tame for thousands of people celebrating. It brought people of all races/religions/etc together. It’s a historic win for the Skull July Man 1966 Living Like A Legend Shirt Raptors and if fans celebrated, then don’t hate on that. it also caused tons of damage to the city. Religion is a lie btw, the only thing people should come together on is that fact, THEN everyone will truly be equal. Shane Arnold, You need friends. Go out and celebrate life bro.

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Toronto Raptors! You have worked hard to earn the Title!! I think all Canadians are very proud of all your efforts. The North I watched the Skull July Man 1966 Living Like A Legend Shirt game. It was a very exciting game. I had been watching quite a few of their games and somehow, although the warriors were two times champions, I had a feeling that TORONTO would win. They were determined to win. Interesting that the first basketball game was introduced in Toronto. Tonight is another reason to be proud to be Canadian. The Warriors also played a great game. There was so much sportsmanship between the two teams and it was touching to see the hugs exchanged between the two teams.

Interesting game and terrific that they won. I don’t get all the rules especially the fouls, but happy for Toronto.Congrats from a die-hard hockey fan. Gets a bit frustrating when media tells me to care when l do not. I do have not nor do l follow the Skull July Man 1966 Living Like A Legend Shirt sport. Please stop telling folk that” All Canada ” is proud etc. Enjoy but temper your comments. According to the CBC, the world has stopped and only basketball exists. Well, suppose much better than political discussions.



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    Prompt delivery and at a great price,it fits like a glove and it looks great on.

  2. 5 out of 5

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    I really love the concept and uniqueness of the design. The quality of the shirt is also very comfortable.

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    Quick delivery, always get what I ordered earlier then expected

  4. 5 out of 5

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    Fast delivery, excellent price very happy with my purchase, would of been 5 stars if the cotton was slightly thicker but very pleased

  5. 5 out of 5

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    This is the second shirt i have brought they are really nice matrial and good value for money. Would recommend

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