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I have two boys and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Once while picking up my oldest boy from preschool when he was 4 or 5, an older lady overheard him tell me that he loved me (probably the 15th time that day). But she stopped and exclaimed that he had made her heart skip a beat and then she said to me: “Every mother deserves a son thank you for sharing this with me!! I DO feel so grateful! I’ve often wondered though, why not a daughter God? Actually just thinking this the Skull Night King not today shirt another day… And it’s as if he answered me through you! Love it!

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Ahhh boys  I also have three. When I was having my second, I was positive it was a girl. When he was a he, not a she, I cried. Not because I didn’t love my boy, but because I felt I lost my girl. Then he was born and all was right in the world. When number three came along, so many thought I’d be devastated. When the Skull Night King not today shirt technician said boy, I said ok, I was meant to have them. My three loving, tender, sweet, grubby, stinky, sensitive mama’s boys.

You people are ridiculous. This is not a mother who is trying to say it’s a bad thing to have girls she is just celebrating her own children who happen to be boys. As the mother of a little girl I find no offense in this article whatsoever and if anything it made me cry just reading how much love this woman has for her sons. If you find it so offensive or so pertinent to read an article about girls or for there to be one out there then go ahead and write it yourself, no one is stopping you. This article was written by one Mom to celebrate her children not to converse with the Skull Night King not today shirt rest of the world concerning theirs.


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