Sloth Napping Is My Favorite Sport Flower Shirt

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You’re still going to jail. Mueller farmed all the cases against you, your family and your company out to multiple US attorney offices throughout the Sloth Napping Is My Favorite Sport Flower Shirt country. Diane Smith yeah really, 12 hours of I don’t recall, I don’t remember, you don’t think her lawyers told her what to say. Jackie Midkiff, now you turn on Mueller you and your democratic socialist/communist party are so fickle it’s truly amusing… unanimously voted in favor of releasing the full report. Hmm, last I checked McConnell is a Republican, and the Senate has the republican majority. Why would a Republican block the vote if Trump is truly innocent?

Sloth Napping Is My Favorite Sport Flower Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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Patty Bertocchini La Puma Your liberal media and politicians are starting to question him and his investigation! In another month, they’ll completely turn on him. Brian Wermund 82,000+ sealed indictments and President Trump has hired hundreds of prosecutors and judges. There’s no question that the Sloth Napping Is My Favorite Sport Flower Shirt Obamas and Clintons will be punished. Google 82,000 sealed indictments David, not a lie, but misspoke. PRESIDENT TRUMP could not be exonerated if there is no crime to be exonerated from. If he is completely off the hook why would trump get Mitch to block it cause it proves Donald loves Russian hookers pee-pee that’s why

Jackie Midkiff Are you really THAT brainwashed?? Every Republican including the President wants the report released. How many ways do we have to say that until you comprehend? The Attorney General’s summary of the Sloth Napping Is My Favorite Sport Flower Shirt report says No Collusion! Now, why don’t you go back to talking and crying about your Global Warming scare tactic? Geez….. Yes! Politicians are our servants and that our tax money pays their salaries! We the people have the right to know. Republicans want it out also. They have to block out people’s names so they can’t get chit started on them to


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