Snoopy A Wee Bit Irish Today Shirt

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so Mark, your solution to stopping china killing our livestock and people with poisoned products would be what? Your solution to stopping currency games, which meant that farmers often did not get paid, is what? Your solution to stopping negative tariffs is what? do you even know what that term means? I have a feeling that you do not, Your solution to stopping their Snoopy A Wee Bit Irish Today Shirt massive spying and theft of our intellectual property would be what? Need I remind you that this is a major national security issue as well,

Snoopy A Wee Bit Irish Today Shirt

Snoopy A Wee Bit Irish Today Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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Hubby had caught them trying to steal plans in the USA factory years ago , Many of our manufacturers, both big and small, do a great deal of highly sensitive manufacturing that needs to be secret. Obama did nothing to fix these Snoopy A Wee Bit Irish Today Shirt issues, I would love to hear your solutions to stopping these things. what is up with the name calling ? would you like to speak to my hubby? he is the VP of a global manufacturing company, He manufactures here, Mexico, France, India, and China,, I am sure he would love to talk to you about trade deals, He has been extremely involved. that is not true either, about the legislation, He pushed for and got many things through like ending the pharmacy gag, In fact

Mark, hubby and I know pharm execs who have been in meetings with Trump,, Trump has in earnest been working with them, Snoopy A Wee Bit Irish Today Shirt Your dems in Congress have been mostly nasty to them, which is no way to get business done, I have watched every of those meetings live. He wanted and got a clean Ocean act and a clean watershed act,, He got our taxes fixed, etc etc


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