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Michelle Green, your suggestion is an excellent one. That’s indeed an option. Nonetheless, in either case, no hospital is supposed to neglect safety standards on the mere reason that a Facebook icon indicates a particular blood type. The St. Louis Blues I Willie Love Them Blues Shirt most important advantage of this suggestion is the less time one would have to spend in search of a probable blood-match. Your suggestion is no doubt would need millions of dollars to implement and sustainably maintain. In our part of the world, we have very limited funds but very huge responsibilities.

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It cost no money for someone to just indicate his/her blood type by an icon on Facebook. It may not be the best form, but it obviously would help especially in my world. Audry Ahmed, I don´t understand your reaction on my comment. It is just a fact that “Datenschutz” in Germany would have problems with this great idea! The St. Louis Blues I Willie Love Them Blues Shirt always have problems with facebooks ideas Mr. Shinas Shahideen, you have a wonderful idea I salute because you are thinking about humanity… But this will not a better idea  on facebook if it will appear.. people become confused

… Because on facebook there are millions of face account.. they will never put the right information on this… So for humanity, it will not a good idea on social site.. if it is possible … We must have an add on facebook to provide detail of local hospital’s.. on which if anyone is needed blood it will be shown to all friends.. so soon as the St. Louis Blues I Willie Love Them Blues Shirt email or phone number entered on hospital all friends got a message… Your required blood in this hospital… And the information will easily be shared which need it. This would not do anything but put more of our personal information out to the public we shouldn’t have to tell you or anyone who our blood type is unless we have too or want too! That’s an infringement on our privacy!


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