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Elena Gearon Most of the people you guys assume are liberals don’t fall for the bullshit you do, you are literally stuck in a box of 3 conflicting mind-sets [liberal, democrats, republicans] Step back and look at all of them for what they are, fucking sports teams, all the same bullshit. You guys are a fucking joke if you think those who distrust our government support it. You democrats just do not get it. Your democrat leadership, the Star war storm pooper shirt mainstream news media, all lied to you for over two years. There never was collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russians. All of the collision was the Obama Regime and Hillary with the Russians, which they were trying to hide.

Star war storm pooper shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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The report is blocked by Federal law, because it contains Grand Jury testimony, and classified criminal evidence on Obama and Hillary, in ongoing treason investigations, which need to be redacted first. Further, the Star war storm pooper shirt President was cleared of collusion with the Russians in the 2016 election, with ZERO evidence found, and it is really difficult to charge obstruction when no crime is identified. David Honer, They are both wrong. You can’t be exonerated if there was no crime, to begin with. That’s how the law works. (Or used to)

He is keeping the terrorists from hurting us, why do you not want that? I would’ve given my left nut to see Obama do one good thing for this country. James Canavan, you can still obstruct justice without committed another crime. All you have to do is lie to authority doing the Star war storm pooper shirt investigation Jackie Midkiff did you not see President Trump say let them see if you are a moron look before you speak oh I’m sorry you’re a democrat you don’t bother Deniece Allen…If Mueller had one shred of evidence against Trump, he would never have ended this the way he did…but he had absolutely nothing on Trump!


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