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If this happened to a white guy rather than a black female would everyone still be doing this? No not at all, it makes me sad that everything is about race now rather than right and wrong. She had a knife and confronted police and didn’t comply with their orders. Holy shit dude, do you even have a soul at all? Or are you just so racist that you have no compassion for a pregnant mother being gunned down in front of her children!!! You’re a monster Naive. In case you haven’t noticed black people have been disproportionately killed by the Stranger Avengers Stranger things shirt police for at least the last 100 years.

Stranger Avengers Stranger things shirt hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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Christopher Farrell not a racist in the slightest and furthermore why does it have to be about race? Would it have been better if she stabled 2 officers just trying to do their jobs and get home to their families? Not everything is about race comply with the Stranger Avengers Stranger things shirt police and things go fine don’t and things like this happen it’s simple Ralph MacDonald lets be honest you are the naive 1 people of all races are killed by police for doing dumbass BS like this here race had absolutely nothing to do with what happened she had a knife and rushed the officers what kind of pregnant mother does something like that? Answer

someone who doesn’t have respect for you he police and doesn’t care that they are pregnant or in front of their children. This is another instance of the media making up people’s minds for them. If it bleeds it leads that has been the Stranger Avengers Stranger things shirt MO of all media for decades and you just perpetuate it get all the facts before you form an opinion, put yourself in those officers shoes for a moment Karl Hornyik well we can agree to disagree the woman had a knife regardless none of the people here replying have ever been in a situation like this mental illness or not



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