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Perhaps be a little less defensive when someone comes in trying to understand. It is times like this that people should close ranks and bond as a planet. Not cause rifts because we were raised in different countries. Jaymz Marley Hallam Viv is an LNP supporter (usually right-wing or religious, or both) and they like to spend their time supporting the Straws Shark Shirt insupportable in our Prime Minister. How anyone could think he is an effective leader is beyond me, but they do try. Take no notice. I can tell you that most Australians are utterly enraged with him.

Straws Shark Shirt

Straws Shark Shirt, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

Tank top



Worst PM we have ever had, and that’s saying something. Birch you are talking rubbish again. Both the Federal and LNP states are totally responsible for this disaster because they Straws Shark Shirt refuse to deal with the problem. Stop being an apologist for our pathetic PM The amount of businesses and houses lost in the fires should and could be replaced at the cost of government. The land will recover fast, a lot of disease burnt away. The animals will recover and need support to help that process.

But look at buildings that can survive such fires including safe areas for people. The lost of lives will be the greatest pain for their loved ones and will last a life time for those effected. Sickening. Here is proof that leadership matters and when you have idiots running things, it is not good. Take this video and any video of trump as prime examples of the Straws Shark Shirt horrible outcomes from bad leadership. A used-car salesman who worshipped a lump of coal in Parliament and is a well-known climate change denier.. oh he’s the complete package all right!


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