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breaks my heart to hear of others loss due to this trauma. I am so sorry. Sadly…until it happens to a person..a family…a close brother in arms…a friend… it’s invisible. It’s something happening to “them”…some feeling of disconnection and insulation from those struggling quietly and alone sometimes. Other times, that fear grips you know what they are going through…seeing them tense going under a bridge By a car stopped along a road…seeing them tense reliving it. And hearing the Taco Weepinbell Shirt struggles as they ask for help..and trying desperately to find the right words..the right councilor…the right person in VA….and thinking we maybe made it through after one attempt in July…and hoping..praying…feeling he was turning a corner.

Taco Weepinbell Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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And things piled on….and his base of support was shattered by those who didn’t realize their selfish actions were the catalyst to break it. People not thinking…careless words…hurtful words and deeds when they couldn’t get head around what our troops go through…and fight when back home. Pray for our troops and those struggling…be the Taco Weepinbell Shirt ear…that support to let them know that they are not monsters…or that what they feel is not wrong. I am so sorry for your families loss of your cousin. Prayers for healing…

Thank you so much. Your words are very powerful and have a ton of meaning. God Bless you and your family. I have huge respect for our men and women and though I never served I understand the Taco Weepinbell Shirt demons that haunt them. I would be honored to help fight them. Great shirt and even better company. I have many shirts from them. I like this one but feel it would be disrespectful to wear it is as I have never served. Thank you to all that have. Steve Farley be that ear…that rock for those that did…and wear the shirt. The important thing is to be their support

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    Always have ease in ordering and shirts are as discribed.

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    I love my t-shirts and Myfrogtee. I have never been disappointed.

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    Excellent quality product and communication regarding purchase was 1st class

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    Lovely design good material delivered on time.

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    I love my t-shirts and Myfrogtee. I have never been disappointed.

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