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These people that commit mass murder with, whatever tool they choose, have no real moral compass, no respect for human life. They have been raised without God. Abortion teaches a nation that life is not so sacred. No prayers allowed in school, on campus, in public and we know what happens when we turn away from God. 2 Chronicles 7:14 if you want the Team Horror Monster Energy shirt real solution. Ellie Kasekas they haven’t said other than the theater where the others were at. Most people in those towns do carry or they did the last time I was thru there.

Team Horror Monster Energy shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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Linda Flesher, I’m 41 years old, never ever would have made a decision regarding protecting my family with a gun. I even made sure my sons from an early age knew what irresponsible gun ownership can do. The last two years, even 2 months have put us all in America on notice. Nobody is safe, anywhere. That is the truth, the sooner we make decisions about how to handle it, the Team Horror Monster Energy shirt better. Politicians are going to take forever, more lives will be lost, if we don’t wake up. Alex Baffi There are 50 million illegally possessed guns in America. Not one of those criminals care about gun laws or background checks and None will ever give them up.

Also, If the 500 million legally possessed gun were confiscated (of course that would be impossible) there would still be 50 million illegal guns out there and we would all be sitting ducks. Anyone who wants a gun will ALWAYS be able to get one. And if the Team Horror Monster Energy shirt nuts don’t use a gun they’ll use a bomb, poison, or a truck. Crazy people will always be able to kill whenever they want until the end of time. Eric Phillips but that’s exactly it – police with guns doing their job- not armed citizens which many including the idiot president said would stop this. Which I believe is the point to the comment.



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