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Trump Lies All The Time Shirt

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So sad but its what everyone said or thought from the moment they heard about it. Also, no accident you don’t just happen to launch a missile near an international airport Alan Stuart-Whiting yea pretty sure they saw the lights on the Trump Lies All The Time Shirt plane and assumed it was a US warplane. Seeing they had just launched missiles and expected retaliation It’s crazy to see people actually pulling the “the US did it first so it makes it ok card”. It’s doesn’t. It’s despicable in both cases. Innocent civilians got killed by a missile shot, and the black boxes haven’t been released by Iran’s government because they know what they did.

Trump Lies All The Time Shirt

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This has nothing to do with siding with Iran or siding with the US. It’s about innocent lives lost for no reason. Nothing makes it ok, and trying to defend these Trump Lies All The Time Shirt actions is despicable as well. Imagine if it had been your family on that plane. Iran has zero motive in killing shooting down a random passenger plane carrying innocent people many of whom were Iranians with dual citizenship elsewhere Mohamed Baker Then why is Iran refusing to release the black boxes that would most certainly shed light on what happened? Doesn’t sound suspicious at all, does it?

The war is not even declared yet but shooting whatever moving? Stupid. If we are having actual shooting war, there will be marshal law and you can shoot wherever it’s move Micael Fatia Iran is not ‘refusing’ to hand over the Trump Lies All The Time Shirt black boxes. They are not sending them to Boeing and they are not obliged to. This is not how it works. A Ukrainian aircraft in Iranian airspace does not automatically mean US has the right. Anyway, the NTSB will be participating in the investigation. This black box story is a red herring.


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2020 Coloring Shirts: Shop trending shirt in the USA


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