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Skip Spielberg, they lost in 2016 because of injuries. I can’t believe more people don’t realize this. For sake, Curry couldn’t get around Kevin Love. He had an MCL tear. Documented. Iggy had a lower back injury from a previous ruptured disk. I’ve had this and literally couldn’t walk for 6 months. He was out game 6 and 7. Part of the Trump Train America first shirt death lineup that was killing Cleveland. Bogut went out in game 5 with a serious knee injury due to bone bruises on a blocked shot. He was a major part of their defensive scheme and important to their offense. VERY IMPORTANT! Green was suspended game 5. Add that to no Bogut and it’s a recipe for disaster. Greens suspension was bogus.

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The league threw a bone to Cleveland and it helped. Check the stats before Bogut went down. Cleveland did not and would not penetrate the Trump Train America first shirt lane. Regardless of adding Dray back, it cost them. The only healthy player was Klay. Now you can say all you want about 2015 injuries but if you’re going to do that then at least be honest and give the golden state the same pass. Skip Spielberg lmao yeah blame the 3rd best player for the reason they choked not the 2 time MVP

Skip Spielberg why everyone acts like Bogut going down had no effect on what happened in the Trump Train America first shirt paint? Like LeBron and Thompson didn’t have their way without him there? With or without Draymond? Tony Dawson Bogut played 10-12 minutes, mostly 1st qtr. None on 4th because he doesn’t shoot and 5 defenders can now guard 4 I guess nobody else in these comments will react the same way as Draymond after having someone’s game 4 4th quarter nuts in the back of your neck Nice excuse. He also played an excellent game 7 and still lost.


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