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Even when we’re not playing the same games, we’ve all kept in touch and hang out nightly in Discord. I’ve traveled the country and met almost all of them now; one of them even came with me on a 5000-mile cross country road trip, another moved states to be my Viking Dragon Emblem shirt. Another makes regular flights from Scotland to visit us in the States.

Viking Dragon Emblem shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Viking Dragon Emblem ladies tee

Ladies tee

Viking Dragon Emblem youth tee

Youth tee

We’re playing DnD on Discord right now! I love these people with all my heart. I get this. I’m lucky to have a great “Viking Dragon Emblem shirt” group of friends that are inseparable. We met 7 years ago on one video game server, but now we all do our own thing while occasionally hopping on the same game together.

Viking Dragon Emblem hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Viking Dragon Emblem sweater


Viking Dragon Emblem hoodie


Luckily, Discord makes it easy to get together and still have fun even if we don’t all play the Viking Dragon Emblem shirt. Or you move as a group from game to game. I don’t love Rainbow Six Siege but my buddies do so I play it with them from time to time.


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