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psychological testing that can be used to irrefutably determine whether or not someone is racist. That way empirical evidence can be used to make a determination. Police need better education and training in working with people with mental illness! Why did they NOT have a taser on them?? This is a senseless murder! SPD is one of the Vintage The Sandlot You’re Killin Me Smalls Shirt most brutal departments in the country but they get a pass from liberals who think ‘OUR’ cops couldn’t really be that brutal. that’s a broad stroke. It’s liberals fault that there are brutal cops in Seattle? Give me a break.

Vintage The Sandlot You’re Killin Me Smalls Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

Tank top



two points: 1) Stephen strange was put aside because he’s too powerful and would steal the spotlight from the Vintage The Sandlot You’re Killin Me Smalls Shirt avengers and I validate that only to an extent because I would’ve loved to see more of him (and his dynamic with tony) Doctor strange knew if he told Iron Man he would naturally hesitate because nobody wants to die. However, he knew if he waited to that moment to confirm what Iron Man probably assumed he wouldn’t hesitate. Iron Man is the type of guy to risk everything to complete a mission that’s why Strange picked the future where he lives up to this moment.

Why should he?? It was his fault. Tony would have died 5 years earlier in infinity war if strange wouldn’t give up the time stone. Remember it was the only way Best MCU trailer scene with best MCU Music apt for the Vintage The Sandlot You’re Killin Me Smalls Shirt visually fantastic scene…Hats off to Marvel Studios. If you watch this scene in the trailer you will surely watch the full movie… Marvel always will win the CGI battle. I mean, look at Doctor Strange’s CGI, it was fantastic. It was very astounding when I watched it in the theater. Wonderful CGI techs that are beyond comparison.


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