Women For Bernie 2020 Shirt

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India was the peacefull contry across the globe. I love India but unfortunately, the Indian nation selects the wrong leadership for the peaceful future of India. Can you imagine who runs a tea hotel he can run the country impossible? With all due respect. Honorable Modi was a tea maker, not a leader. Religion – the cause of most of the wars in recent times. So much for bringing people together, Women For Bernie 2020 Shirt morals and peace, which most of them claim to promote. sponsored riots led by Kapil Mishra, PM n HM silent instead Kejriwal’s house surrounded by goons the whole night thru. RSS goons active here there and everywhere.

Women For Bernie 2020 Shirt


Women For Bernie 2020 Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

Tank top



Whenever a group of hate-based racist ideologies prevails, the gates of bloodshed open and what is happening in India right now is the Women For Bernie 2020 Shirt result of Hindu extremist ideologies What a shame for the so-called secular country and largeat democracy. India under Modi’s extremist leadership is taking India to new levels of low. This IS the face of religion. It’s a cancer. It will be our undoing. So sad that in the 21st-century people believe gods actually exist. It’s pathetic!

Minorities are not safe in India. They Women For Bernie 2020 Shirt are killing Muslims on the streets and burning mosques and the govt is not even doing anything. Funny when India gets attacked it’s condemned to me they get what them reap don’t forget kashmir what India has done to it because of there religion believing in something gets you killed Muslims who are opposing Pakistan right now will spend the rest of their lives proving their loyalty to India – M.A. Jinna





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